April/May 2014

Faithful Partners,

Please continue to lift us up to the Father.  We are so grateful for your partnership in sharing the gospel.  We can NOT do this alone. Without partners like you who pray, give to Lottie Moon and come alongside of us here on the field, this doesn’t work.  So please continue to persevere with us as we seek to glorify the Father bringing the light of His truth and love to the lost and dying of the world. I know our job doesn’t seem like what you typically expect a missionary to be doing.  But we are part of the IMB team, all working together towards the same goal:

Our vision is a multitude from every language, people, tribe and nation knowing and worshipping our Lord Jesus Christ.

Its our desire to see Southern Baptist Churches as deeply engaged and committed to this as we are.  Know that we are praying for our churches back home, the ones that we specifically know and in general for the convention.  We’d love to help dialogue with you in how you can actively participate in what the Lord is doing here in Peru and around the world.


Please pray specifically for these few things and if you have the time, please read our update that follows.

An Orality project taking place in Huanuco Peru this June and July

Our young married couples home group we are starting this coming Saturday

The coordination of break out session for our upcoming Summit meeting in July

The IMB’s search for our new President


Its been a busy month and a half!  We traveled to the US to attend David’s brother’s wedding.  It was great to be there and see so many friends and family.  Then we left the kiddos in the hands of grandparents and went to NYC for a week of meetings.  It was all of the people from each affinity around the world who have the same position we do-Network Strategies Coach and our US-based counterparts along with several from leadership in Richmond.  It was a very useful week and I feel like we left encouraged and challenged with more vision for how our job fits into the IMB team.  We returned to Lima, and that night David went on a short jaunt to Bolivia to assist in a Research trip.  A few days later, we all traveled to Huanuco, the place we used to live in the mountains.  It always feels good to be back there and feels very comfortable.  However, the trip to get there….whew!  11 hours via truck.  Our boys were troopers and in some ways did better than we did!  We had one full day in the city, meeting with old friends and partners in ministry to begin the coordination for an orality project that will be going on there this summer.  We are so excited to have two ladies coming to work there in this storying project for 2 months.  They will be joining Jim Griffin from Riverland Hills Baptist Church, SC in helping our national parnters develop a story set in several different dialects of Quechua.  Huanuco is so dear to our hearts and we look forward to spending some more time up there this summer to help in the project.  Please be praying for these laborers and the people they will encounter.

We also will be kicking off our first home group this Saturday.  In conjunction with the church we attend here in Lima, we’ll be opening our home to start a storying study focused on marriage.  We have several young married couples in our church and we are excited to begin this ministry of growth and edification with them.  Please pray that our spanish will be sufficient and that the study will be an encouragement and challenge.


On the home front, our family is doing well!  David is working hard as always and helping me out a ton with the boys.  He’s also starting running- good for him.  I only run if someone bad is chasing me!
Pete is averaging a million words per day and half of those are “Mama, umm”.  He continues to amaze us with his attention to detail and memory.  I have to work hard to keep up with them.  Mike is growing like a weed, desiring to walk more and more (holding someone’s hands) and said “Mama” for the first time while looking at me.  They are both trouble itself, but oh so much fun too.  How boring life would be without them.  Me, well I’m just doing what I always do, cooking, washing, cleaning, playing spiderman and Thomas the train, making Pete say Yes Ma’am, and obsessively watching “House, MD” on Netflix when both boys are sleeping.  So we are all just doing what we gotta do and enjoying spending time together as a family.  What a blessing:)



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