March 2014

What a crazy busy month this has been!  So much so, that its taken me til the last day of the month to update the blog.  Here are some highlights on what happened in March for the Olsons…

We started the month with David assisting in the shooting of a training video on how to use storying to start house churches.  It was a week long shoot, showing the process and modeling how it all should work.  Our good friend Arturo was leading and another good friend Felix came down from Huanuco to participate.  It is in spanish and is about to enter post production.  Enter Cameron:)  David has editing the audio (extremely well I might add) and very soon I’m going to get cracking on the video editing.  Looking forward to a finished product and seeing how the Lord can use this tool!

Mid-Month brought travel!  Well for David anyway…he spent 9 days in Suriname, deep in the jungle, participating in a training called Young Leaders Initiative.  He and a group of early 30s guys spent a week sleeping in hammocks, bathing in the river and learning more and more how to be the leader that God has called them to be.  He said it was a great trip and very worthwhile.  The boys and I missed him a ton and hated being out of communication for so long, but are glad that he was able to go.  During that trip, my mother came for a too short visit!  We had a ton of fun, showing her around our neighborhood, eating at “girly” restaurants, and we even took a road trip to Paracas to see the Ballestas Islands (sea lions and penguins!)  I drove us there and back (8 hours total) and we survived.  Whew.  I am learning how to drive here, little by little and am so grateful for the feeling of accomplishment and freedom being able to drive has brought. I’m so glad she came to visit us and we still miss her, I wish she could have stayed longer!

This past week was a catching up week from the travel and PETE’S 3RD BIRTHDAY!!!!  He was so much fun on his birthday- enthusiastic and sweet and loved everything.  His presents, skyping with family, his train cake, balloons, party and trip to the zoo.  That’s right, we know how to do birthdays in this house:)  I can’t believe he’s 3!  

Mike learned how to crawl (fast) and pull up this month.  He’s starting to cruise on the furniture.  Look out!!!  He’s adorable.  

David is currently working hard to complete some case studies that will be used later this year for a very important meeting with the IMB big wigs.  I’m getting ready for a few days of meetings later in the week- similar to what David did in the jungle.  But mine are here in Lima.

Please pray for us this coming month!
1) case studies

2) Cameron’s meetings

3) Post production for training video

4) Travel to US for David’s brother’s wedding and meetings in NY

Please also pray for us as we are praying about trying to start a small group bible study in our home, and as we discuss educational options for Pete in the next few years.
Thank you all so much!  Many blessings to you and your families!


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