February 26, 2014

February 26, 2014

The Update:


As always for me February has been a slow month.  For the shortest month of the year, this month always seems to drag!  I guess it doesn’t help that this is the first month in many that we haven’t taken a trip somewhere.

We’ve used this month to try and get established in the new role and to keep the boys on somewhat of a routine.  The boys have done really well with that, we’ve seen a lot of improvement with Pete’s sleeping and potty training.  In fact, we’ve agreed to not buy any more diapers.  He’s even sleeping in underpants now.  Sure, he still has a few accidents, but he’s doing a ton better and I think we are on the homestretch!  We’ve also left the boys twice now to go out to eat.  Once we left them with 2 friends from our church and the second with a MK.  Both times went great!  That was a huge relief.

Mike has turned into an eating machine.  I can’t make baby food fast enough to keep up with him!  I love to see his good appetite and so far the only food that didn’t go over too well was peas.  Can you blame him?  He’s also cut his first tooth and is trying hard for the second one.  I guess I could say that we are all trying hard for his second tooth, because it seems like we are all affected by this terrible process called teething.  This too shall pass.  I hope.  All that to say is that he’s not sleeping too consistently and that takes its toll on all of us. 
David has been really busy this month.  He had several key meetings in the past few weeks with leaders in our affinity about how we can work with them in using partners to everyone’s best advantage.   This week he is helping to record a video an example of using storying in a house church.   He also has a few trips coming up in the next several weeks.

Me, I’m trying to keep up with the house, cooking, laundry etc.  All the while playing cars, planes, Spiderman, trains, Buzz Lightyear, and patty cake.  You can guess which is for Mike… Rumor has it that I may be doing the editing for the video David is working on this week, so that may actually mean I get some office time in the future.  That will be a big change for all of us.  But it might be good to shake things up.


The Highlight:

Our good friends from Huanuco, Edmin and Maura (plus their two boys, Caleb and Benjamin) were in Lima this month and we got to spend a Saturday together at the beach.  It was quite an adventure taking 4 little ones (3 and under) to the ocean, but it went well and I think everyone enjoyed it.  We had fun seeing our friends.  I am always struck by how differently Peruvians enjoy the beach than the gringos I know do.  Going to the beach is an activity.  The beach is full and everyone is doing something.  You see very few chairs and nappers.  Tons of people playing, swimming, eating, building castles, wrestling, running, yelling, laughing, etc.  Pete fits right in.  Me, I’m still working on itJ But its enjoyable in its own way and its fun to see the full enjoyment of so many people at one time. 


The Challenge:

I would say two things have really been a challenge this month:

1) is the ambiguity of our role and trying to figure out what it should look like.  Day to day it seems different and I think it may be that way for a while, until it becomes more of an established role with specific tasks.  We are getting there, but with any “networking” role, its bound to take time. 

2) I’ve struggled some this month with not being able to get out and about as much as I used to.  Two can be twice as nice, but when it comes to grabbing a taxi and getting where we need to go on time, two can be 50 times more challengingJ  In that, its caused me to become frustrated at times and wishing that I could go to work a few days a week.  Then I feel guilty because I know how many people wish they could stay at home with their kids all the time.  I think it’s the combo of not being as mobile or flexible and not having any work tasks, that have caused this.  I’ve been praying through this and have had several people unknowingly encourage me and share things that have brought me some perspective.  I am still working on it and know that I will have many more challenging days in the next 5 years (until Mike is in school) and thereafter.  But I am confident that the work of Motherhood is the main job God has for me and He will sustain me in that.  


Please pray:

For upcoming March & April trips for David

Praise that my mother will be visiting next month!!!

Pray for Dave and I to be more pro active and diligent in our relationships with others.

Pray for us as we try to be more organized.

Please pray for our friends: Rolando and Edwin (and their families) as they struggle financially in ministry.

Pray for our friends the Delgado family as they relocate from being Peruvian missionaries in Tarapoto to our old stomping grounds Huanuco. 


Thank you all for praying and for being an encouragement to us.  Please feel free to drop us a line, we’d love to hear from you!





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