December 14, 2013

Merry Christmas to everyone! Last year was our first Christmas we spent in Peru. I am still not too sure about wearing flip flops and singing Frosty the Snowman at the same time. We are at the height of juxtapositioning here. We arrived safely in Lima about 10 days ago. It was a long travel day, but both boys were troopers and made things as easy as possible as a 20 hour day with a 2 yr old and a 5 mo old can be. It took us several days to recover (especially Mike) and we began the task of setting up house.
We were very grateful to be able to move straight in to the apartment where we will be living. Its a great place with a really nice park right behind our building. Our apartment is on the park side and so we hear very little street noise and look out of our floor to ceiling windows at grass, flowers and trees. Not too shabby! The apartment is in great shape and really all we are doing is making it ours. Its very “vanilla” and I am dying to put some color in it! But first things first! So we’ve been buying furniture and appliances and trying as hard as we can to get internet in here. We’ve been successful in everything but the internet. It is slow going and complicated and its things like this that teach patience (and remind us that we are indeed in another country).
David has been working to finalize details for the Mission College training that we will be helping coordinate in Richmond in January.
Cameron has been burning up the credit card.

Pete has had a blast rediscovering his old toys and playing in the park. Oh- and riding the elevator. This is a thrill that can not be overlooked.

Mike has finally gone back to sleeping through the nights and is finding his routine again. He’s been eating some solid foods. So far apples are his favorites.

It was so hard leaving home again and saying goodbye to our family. But we are really grateful to have had such a great time being with them the past 8 months. And we have enjoyed connecting with our dear friends in Peru once again. It was so great to have our friend Rolando over in our second night in town and catch up with him. Its things like that that remind us why we are here.

Thank you so much for all of your prayers that got us here. Please continue to pray for us as the Lord leads you. Here are some specific requests we have:

  1. That we will get internet in our home. This may seem small, but we feel very disconnected without it. We especially miss our phone calls home!
  2. For the upcoming Mission College in January. Pray that the details will come together and that we will be thorough in our planning. Pray that this will be a great time of sharing and learning so that our stateside partners can continue to make good decisions in their missiological practices.
  3. Pray that our time with family and friends in Richmond in January will be fun for the boys and our family.
  4. Pray for the logistics as we plan to bring our dog Gretta back with us in January.
  5. Pray for our friend Rolando who is working to unite Baptist churches in the jungle city Iquitos. Pray for his efforts and that the Lord will provide for him and his family. 

Thank you all so much! Many blessings to you all. Please feel free to shoot us a line- we’d love to hear from you!


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